Power BI

Analyze, monitor and share the data that matters most in your organization

Many organizations are now being faced with the reality that the way they store, access and analyze data is no longer working. With traditional methods of working currently disrupted, once trusted, interaction-based approaches are no longer viable – executive decision makers are struggling to access the actionable insights they need, and analysts are spending more time extracting and organizing data than they do analyzing it.
This leads to a manually intensive report process, delays in getting business insight to the right people and often serious human errors that could be costly and damaging to your organization.
Manual spreadsheets and processes lack visibility, and if you want to grow your business, having insight into key data is essential. MS Power BI gives you this insight, transforming hundreds of disparate data sources into intuitive, in-depth reports.
In a climate where you need complete visibility over your business processes and operations, having clarity on your data and analytics is essential – and with MS Power BI, it’s easier than ever.

What are the benefits of MS Power BI?

MS Power BI is both cost-effective and user friendly, meaning you can get up and running with the application immediately, with no specialized technical knowledge required beforehand.

Quickly input, retrieve and analyze your data, eliminating the chance for human error common in manual data management. Automatic data refresh capabilities mean reports are always accurate when published, allowing every team member to access up to date information.

With clear insight into how all aspects of your business are performing, you have complete visibility of key business processes, such as sales.

Transform your data into intuitive visuals that can be easily shared across the whole team  and facilitate faster & better decision making. Analyze important, actionable insights in real-time and act on them instantly by enabling user alerts – on any device you choose.

As a powerful analytics and reporting tool, MS Power BI allows you to visualize your data across several custom dashboards – easy enough for anyone in your organization to use, yet complex enough to provide enterprise-level insights and reports. Power BI offers intelligent insights into all your data, right at your fingertips.

What can MS Power BI do?

You no longer need to be a data analyst to gain sophisticated insight into your data, as you can combine and organize large amounts of data immediately using Power Query. Using AI-assisted visualizations, you can gain quick in-depth insights on your dataset and share these reports easily and seamlessly with all users across your organization.

You can forget the challenges that once came with designing and implementing a solution and guarantee low costs by deploying and managing your MS Power BI the same way as your other Microsoft services. With MS Power BI, you’re in control – decide how your data can be accessed across multiple devices to ensure security and scalability.
The MS Power BI interface is designed to align with more familiar Microsoft products such as Word or Excel to enable better integration and adoption into your business and facilitate a better user experience. Because of this, you can integrate interactive data visualizations into your SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft applications quickly and seamlessly.
Create and update collaborative, real-time dashboards and analytics designed to drive key business priorities. Send live reports instantly via text message or email, facilitating better communication and productivity across your team. Showcase business insights to your whole team, collaborate and share reports across the organization and gain complete visibility of your entire business.