Migration Services

Migration Services

The Next Generation of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX has brand new, cloud-based solutions within the Dynamics 365 product stack. Whether you were looking into implementing AX system, or are an existing AX user looking to upgrade to Microsoft’s newest all-in-one business management system, the Dynamics 365 provides everything AX did and it’s applications are based in the cloud, bringing with them hassle-free updates and freedom from the demands of server-based systems. Even better, the applications are “A La Carte” – take the functionality you need and leave what you don’t.

Max-IT are experts at supporting and consulting organizations running on the Microsoft Dynamics AX business and customer management solution. With support available to our clients 24/7, Max-IT go above and beyond the standard definition of “support” to deliver outstanding service maintenance to global clients.

As Microsoft Gold Partners and esteemed Inner Circle Members, we have over 200 Dynamics experts able to provide unparalleled support for Microsoft Dynamics AX. We offer industry-leading support programs for organizations running on Dynamics AX, ensuring the seamless running of your AX environment and rapidly resolving any incidents you have, regardless of severity.

Working with our Max-IT Dynamics Support experts doesn’t just bring expert Dynamics AX support, it also awards you a team of consultants well-positioned to guide your organization in streamlining processes and making the most out of your AX solution. Our reliable support offerings and expert consulting tie together to ensure our Dynamics AX support clients are always working in the simplest, most efficient ways and gaining streamlined processes, actionable insights and real-time data from their AX system.

Ensure your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution continues to function seamlessly through regular system checks and updates with Max-IT. We offer a range of specialized Support services for AX systems including Max-IT’s Data Platform Health Check service and our System Maintenance &Optimization managed service. To learn more about Max-IT’s expert support offerings, visit our support page.

Working with Max-IT’s Dynamics AX Team

Get in touch with us today for a friendly chat about our Support offerings for organizations running on Microsoft Dynamics AX.
If you’re looking for next steps to a modern enterprise solution, you can learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the Dynamics 365 ERP products overview page, or by getting in touch with our experts. If you’re an existing Microsoft Dynamics AX user ready to modernize your system, we provide unique AX to the Cloud services. Learn more about transitioning from AX to Dynamics 365 by getting in touch today.