Enterprise Value Assessment Workshops

The EVA Workshop is recommended for leadership teams who are looking to define, in detail, the value drivers and metrics of their IT modernization.

Enterprise Value Assessment Workshops


The Project Design Phase is a key component of any technology project, defining the terms of a valuable delivery for each organization and creating the blueprint for the project steps and goals. MAX-IT help decision-makers establish their primary project goals above and beyond simply enhancing efficiency, empowering your organization to derive long-lasting value from your deployment.

What to Expect During Your Enterprise Value Assessment Workshop Process:

What Are the Goals for Your Enterprise Value Workshop?

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Why Consider an Enterprise Value Assessment Workshop?

The EVA Workshop is recommended for leadership teams who are looking to define, in detail, the value drivers and metrics of their IT modernization. This workshop empowers teams to build on their IT strategy, determining an appropriate governance and review structure with clear ownership, and ensuring seamless stakeholder engagement.
The EVA Workshop is a customized workshop experience and content will be delivered with reference to the specifics of an individual organization. Some preparation time is therefore required between event booking and delivery. 100% funding is available from Microsoft for qualifying organizations, and MAX-IT will manage the application and approval process on behalf of clients. Funding decisions are normally confirmed within 5 working days.
Alternatively, organizations can self-fund the cost of the EVA Workshop, which can be delivered with costs ranging from £5,000 to £10,000 depending on the number of delegates and stakeholder interviews to be concluded.

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